Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hey Everyone,

The new Jettison Quarterly issue drops today. Check out The Ideas Issue at and sign up for a free subscription, so you can get the next one as well. It's free, and we drop you a line when each issue is released.

We had a great release party last night for the new issue. We should have some images us soon. The turnout was amazing, A&R tore it up with their fantastic DJ set, and we met a ton of really cool people.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

-The Editors

Monday, November 23, 2009

Artist Profile(d)

The Chicago Reader highlighted Matt Nichols' show at SAIC entitled 'Lexiconography'. Jettison recently completed an artist interview with Matt for our upcoming 4th issue. Be sure to keep up with this fellow, he is a powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with.

check it out.

Jettison Shredded!

From new-media artist Mark Napier's work "the Shredder". You can shred your own site at

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fish Out of Water

Hey everyone,

Fish Out of Water, "A documentary that explores the impassioned relationship between homosexuality and the Bible," is out now and could be playing near you. Check out the trailer here

Kyle Harter, who you all might know and love as Jettison's resident cartoonist, has provided illustrations for the animation in the film, and it looks really great. Congratulations, Kyle.

Kaki King provides the music for the score of the film, as well. Which, of course makes this film a treat for your head, eyes, and ears.

You'll have to wait till December to take a look at Kyle's new Comic in Jettison Quarterly's new issue. Until then, just watch the film and sign up for your free Jettison subscription, it's free after all.

-The Editors

Friday, November 6, 2009

Jettison Hard at Work

Hey Readers,

Jettison is hard at work getting the 4th issue together. We've got a ton of really great material for you to look through. The 4th issue is going to be a fatty. If you haven't signed up for your free subscription yet, get on over to the jettison site and do that now. You wont want to miss the Issue No. 4, due out in December.

We've got interviews with artist Gregory Green, Chicago band Sybris, and with the owner of this place. Here's a sneak peak at what's in store. The photo is of our editor in chief at Czimer's Game and Sea Foods, located out in Homer Glen, IL. They serve up all sorts of strange stuff. Have you ever wondered what lion tastes like? You'll have to wait for the new issue to find out. The Czimer's article will be run as our Discovered Section this time around, complete with an interview with Richard Czimer Jr. and beautifully shot by photographer David Elliott.

There's much more in store, so keep checking back for more sneak peaks.

-The Editors

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jettison Founder Featured in Art Slant

Hey All,

We are pleased to announce that Jettison Co-Founder, Publisher, and Marketing Director Emanuel Aguilar has a great write up in Art Slant. You can view the article here:

The article centers mostly around his artistic abilities and the gallery he helps run called Happy Collaborationist, but also drops the Jettison name a few times.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Alright, we've got the new issue up.  Issue No. 3 is here in all it's glory.  You can check it out at

Issue No. 3 features interviews with Kari Lydersen, Karl Wirusm, Tortoise and J+J+J.  Art by Zach Wirsum, and a sneak peak at the new Heartland exhibit at the Smart Museum.

There's a ton of fun, new stuff as well.  Check out our new section Around Town for fun things going on in the city and our new comic section featuring the work of Kyle Harter in a quarterly strip we're calling Zuckercorn

We thank you for your patience as we got the new issue up and we hope you enjoy it. 

-The editors

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sneaking it.

Here's a bit of a behind the scene on our fashion shoot for Kelly Winter in our 3rd issue coming out this Friday the 11th. It turned out amazing!

Sneak more peeks at the final photos and the rest of Issue 3 at our release September 10th at Simone's!!


*Model in photo McKey Sullivan and Mr.. Eric Rejman doing the photo-a-tacking.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Jettison Release Party

The third issue comes out September 11th but before then come join us for a sneak peak and celebration of a kick ass issue Thursday September 10 at Simone's for our release party!!!!!!

September 10th, Thursday
960 W. 18th

Jettison Quarterly

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jettison Issue No. 3 Release Date

Thanks Readers!

Our fall issue of Jettison Quarterly is in the bag. We've pretty much completed the whole thing. We have been designing a new site for this issue and it looks amazing. I cant wait to put it up and show all of you.

Issue No. 3 will release on September 11th during the day. If you are not already a subscriber and would like to receive the new issue in your email, go to and click on the link for free subscription. Let us know a little about yourself and we'll get the issue to you, hot off the presses.

We are working out the final details for our release party as well. More information to come soon about those, so keep checking back in.

Your support has allowed us to produce another fantastic issue. We have interviews with Kari Lydersen, a reporter for the Washington Post; Chicago-based artist Karl Wirsum and his son Zach Wirsum; Tortoise; J+J+J; Thax Douglas, and so much more. Fashion followers should rejoice especially, as our Fashion Section for fall is huge and absolutely gorgeous. We shot designer Kelly Winter's spread in the upper levels of the Hancock Building! Keep your eyes on that shoot, it features the season 11 winner of America's Next Top Model, McKey, as one of our models.

Without the help of our readers, we couldn't do any of this. Keep passing the word along to friends and family. If you know someone who might be interested in reading Jettison, send them an email with a link to the site and tell them about our free subscriptions, so that they can sign up too.

More info on everything to come, as well as some sneak peaks at the new issue, so stay tuned.

Matthew Hendrickson
Editor in Chief
Jettison Quarterly

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Not to be missed!

Hey fans,

Our friends at the Co-Prosperity Sphere are having a great show this Friday, July 24th and Saturday the 25th. The show is featuring Jettison editor, Peter Skvara and Jettison illustrator, Adi Goodrich. The show is hosted by a friend of Jettison, the Post Family's Chad Kouri. If you're not doing anything else and even if you are, stop by, eat food, drink beers and take a look at some 21st century art! Here's their promo:

Join us for a three dimensional freak out of color, form and material. Walk the isles of a hand-made grocery store created completely out of paper, shoot hoops on a 3 story high basketball net, or just sit down at our collage table and create some work of your own. After the opening and subsequent hangover, come back on July 25th for an art-making BBQ throw down as we combine our creative energies to make collages which we will hand-deliver for free to the people walking around this great city. So drop on by, check out some good stuff and make some of your own. We will have magazines, scissors and glue on hand but feel free to bring your own collage materials to throw down.

Participants: Chris Roberson, Emily Clayton, Dr. James Harry Ewert Jr, Rod Hunting, Adrianne Goodrich , Peter Skvara, Chad Kouri, Matt Nicolas, Jim Kozar, Ed Marszewski, Ben Speckmann, Sarah Jeziorski, Richard Smith and more. Audio collage performances by Le Deuce and Rik Shaw.

Brought to you by Chad Kouri
and Dr. James Harry Ewert Jr.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kinda Interesting

Time Out Chicago has an interesting new issue out. On the cover in big, bold letters it asks its readers if Indie still has any Indie Cred. Does it? I say, why not? In particular, Time Out has an interesting round table discussion on the subject. You can view it here:

It features a group of people from Chicago who have some sort of "indie cred" to talk about the subject over dinner. Among the people participating are JC Gabel, former editor and publisher of the soon to be over Stop Smiling magazine, Anne Elizabeth Moore, a former editor of Punk Planet, and Scott Plagenhoef, Editor in Chief of Pitchfork.

For my own part, I've never been particularly interested in the word indie. I like independent things, but I agree with the round table that indie is now more of a corporate tag for a certain style as opposed to anything actually being independent. In my mind, Indie to me still means DIY above all else. In which case, Jettison is about an indie as anything right now.

My main problem with the article however is that everyone invited to participate in the round table discussion is over 30, the youngest being JC Gabel at 33. Although 30 is by no means old, they end up sounding like a bunch of old men lamenting the good old days when things were pure and wonderful. One participant, Bryan Wendorf, co-founder of the Chicago Underground Film Festival asks, "Are 18 year old still having these arguments?" To which JC Gabel responds that, no, "I think they’re at Urban Outfitters."

Thanks a lot, dude! Where's my generations perspective in all this? Are we not doing cool, independent things? One of the most intriguing things about the independent movement has always been to highlight those who are now unestablished. The embrace of the obscure and the constant attempt to hunt down the "new thing that no one else knows about" has allowed countless musicians, artists, filmmakers, etc to be accepted and achieve success.

Stop Smiling will be over soon, Punk Planet is long gone, and the truly independent minded hipsters already shun Pitchfork. So what's next Time Out? What's new? If you want to find out what indie means to people now, maybe you should try asking someone who's actually participating in what's it's going to mean in the future. Try asking someone who's shaping it's meaning now. Otherwise, you just get a bunch of old guys talking trash.

-The Editors

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hey Everyone,

Jettison Quarterly is hard at work on our third issue which will be released in September. We have some great stuff already that you can look forward to seeing in the next issue including a Fall Harvest Special in our Sustainable Gourmet Section. Jettison's resident chef Matt Andorka is hard a work in his lab cooking up some delicious treats for you all. The expanded section will include information about urban gardening including raising chickens in the city. Feel like starting your own urban farm? Well, you'll have to sign up for a subscription and check it out in September. Cant wait till then? Send us and email at and we'll give you a heads up.

Also in the plans are a couple of new sections including cartoons, history lessons and much more.

Jettison is also having an event on Friday outside of pitchfork. We'll be passing out treats and info on the magazine. If you're going to be there stop by and say hello and we'll give you something sweet. We'll be there around 4:00 until our supplies run out, so get there early!

Also, if you have any ideas, suggestions, criticisms, questions, or whatever about Jettison let us know. We'd love to hear from you. Send us an email.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Alright everybody,

The new issue got dropped on your local digital magazine stand yesterday and we've gotten some really stellar reviews already. If you haven't checked out the new issue, go do it now at

Also, we are having a party tonight to promote the new issue at the Halfway Lounge in Wicker Park (1742 N. Milwaukee). It's going to be a really great time, cause we got J+J+J and Chandeliers doing DJ sets of your favorite bangers. The party starts at 8pm and goes till you just cant dance anymore.
Hope to see you all tonight!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Alright fans,
The new issue, Jettison Quarterly's Issue No. 2 Summer 2009, is done! We are working right now to get it up online so all of you can view it with your own eyes. We are very excited about our newest issue. It's over a hundred pages long and full of great pieces and incredible photography. I cant wait for everyone to see our incredible interview with Casey Spooner from Fischerspooner, complete with photos from their recent show at the Metro.
The release party for the new issue is going to be great. DJ sets from J+J+J and Chandeliers (who we also have an interview with in this issue). The show will be at the Halfway Lounge, 1742 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago (in Wicker Park). It is going to be a ton of fun. Great dancing, great music and some cool party favors. The show starts at 8 pm.
We are hoping that the issue will drop on Friday, June 12th, but check back for more posts on an exact time that it will be viewable.
Either way, if you are a subscriber, you'll be the first to see it. If you are not a subscriber, sign up at for your free subscription. As a subscriber, you will be notified when each issue is released.
And please tell your friends. As a small magazine in a big city, we need your support. Send a link out to your friends and family. We depend on subscribers to get the issue out and to keep the magazine going. If you like what you see, then let someone know, so that we can continue to provide Jettison to you free of charge.
So be prepared,
The Editors

Thursday, May 14, 2009


The second issue of Jettison Quarterly will be out in less than a month. Summer issue No. 2 is packed, and I mean packed with information we plan to jettison across the world wide web directly to your electronic brain.

Interviews with: Russell Porter, Chandeliers, Numero Group
Art by: Adi Goodrich, Tedd Boggs, John Bocksel and Scott Anderson!!

And even more we don't want to tell you about cause it will ruin the surprise. Expect an expanded magazine with new features and new sections for your enjoyment.

This is just a teaser, so don't forget to sign up for a subscription at

We'll deliver the magazine right to your inbox.

More updates soon on the release party, shows and more event to talk about around the water cooler.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jettison Success at the NFO XPO

Loyal readers,

we had a great time at the NFO XPO last weekend. Yes, it was mostly just us sitting in one spot all day long, but we made some friends and had a good time anyways. I think I only ate one meal a day that weekend, but that's alright too. It's almost bikini season, right? Pete, Adi and Ted's Shelter Show was a huge success as well. If you were not able to check-check-check it out last weekend, it's still up and will be for about a month in the Benton House backyard.

Jettison passed out a ton of business cards and got everyone who stopped by to sign up for a subscription. We talked a lot about the magazine and Pete gave a wonderful explanation of what Jettison means to him to some stranger. But, overall we got a really good response. We even met a couple of people who had already heard about it.

blogs and kisses,

The editors

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Events! What's happening with Jettison? Version Fest and NFO XPO

Version Fest takes off this weekend. Our managing editor and our # 1 illustrator, Peter Skvara and Adi Goodrich (respectively) played big roles in bringing together the shelter part of the show. Version Fest is a huge art event that is being held in Bridgeport April 24th through May 3rd. This year's show is going to be amazing and if you're not doing anything, you have no excuse not to go check it out. If you already had something planned, cancel it. You don't want to be the only one at the water cooler on Monday who didn't go, do you?

Jettison is going to be a part of the Version Fest celebration by participating in the NFO XPO (sound it out). NFO XPO is April 25th and April 26th at the Benton House in Bridgeport. Jettison will be there hanging out, giving stuff away and displaying the magazine we have worked so tirelessly on. NFO XPO is from 1pm to 8pm on Saturday and 1pm to 12 am on Sunday. The Benton House is located at 3052 S. Graten Avenue.

For more information on both events check out for more details.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Version Fest Fundraiser

Feel like coming to an art show in Chicago? Well, then you should come out tonight to the Version Fest fundraiser. The party starts at seven and goes till midnight (think you can stay up)? It is going to be located at County Club; 1100 N. Damen Ave.

The event is officially called "The Version Festival User-Directed Super Raffle and V-Bay Buy-it-Now Art Auction!" and it raises money to pay for Version Fest. Don't know what that is? Hit this link to learn more...

But the best part is all the free art you could win! A small fee at the door also gets you tickets to be able to put into a raffle to buy some amazing art from Version Fest friends and family. Check out below for a roster of names:

Featuring work by:Cody HudsonJuan ChavezMichael T. ReaTyson ReederAron GentJohn DudaRod HuntingJJ StratfordRand SevillaLogan BayAdrianne GoodrichConrad FreibergMathew HoffmanBenjamin JuneJames EwertJames JankowiakMike GenoveseAlbert StablerJeriah HildwineStephanie BurkePeter SkavaraChad KouriDave the Lightbulb ManSeripopand many others.

So you can bid, or just buy straight off the wall for fantastically reduced prices and might even be able to write it off your taxes next year since the money goes to fund the festival.

Come one, come all and bring your friends!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So Rod Balgojevich is back in the news again and aside from all the normal shit he's been up to, apparently he's thinking of joining the ranks of reality tv show cast member. That's right. At his latest court appearance his attorney mentioned that Rod would soon be asking to get his passport back, which was taken when he was arrested. NBC confirmed that if that happens, Rod will join other celebrities on a show called, "I'm a celebrity...Get me out of here!" The show will be filmed in the Costa Rican jungle and test the celebrity's (and one corrupt politician's) ability to adapt. Luckily, NBC is not paying Rod, or the other celebrities for their appearance. The money will be donated to their favorite charity.
Also in Illinois news...

A special state legislative subcommittee recently held a meeting over Senate Bill 1381, the bill that would legalize marijuana in Illinois for those suffering with serious medical conditions. Another bill recently passed the House Human Services Committee on March 9th called the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act. This will be the first medical marijuana bill to get off the house floor.
In Chicago news, an Englewood teenager has been charged with the murder of a 15-year-old Chicago Public School student over a dispute at a dice game. The student becomes the 32nd CPS student to be killed this school year. 32 kids is a pretty damn big number. What the fuck, Chicago?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Jettison is looking for your help!

Hey everybody,

As we plan our future issues of Jettison Quarterly, we will be increasingly needing your help. As we continue to fatten up our content over the next couple of issues, we'll need your help providing that content. As always, we are interested in getting your submissions. Send in your fiction, your essays, articles, pictures, sketches, whatever. If you're creating it, we're interested in seeing it. Send us info about your projects and businesses as well. We're all about promoting Chicago and all the cool shit its residents are participating in. So, get up, get out and send us the details.

Submissions are accepted at

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on the new Jettison Quarterly site. Check out our redone magazine! The pages flip, the thing loads much better and the format should make it easier to navigate. We are very pleased with our new design, so make sure you go and check it out.

We are also hard at work on Issue No. 2: Readers should look forward to a bigger and better magazine. We've got some great stuff in store for you, including interviews with Chandeliers and an examination of the Chicago art biz. Also in store are a whole host of new sections to give you even more content to browse through.

If you haven't signed up for a subscription, you should get on that. It helps us out and it makes it so much easier to get the next issue. Sign up at and hit the link for a free subscription to get your copy when it's released.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Primitive Future


Our friend Todd's blog is super dope. Take a look and learn something.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for checking out the news Jettison blog. We had a really great meeting yesterday and started planning out our next issue which will be out in June. If you still have not read our first issue, it can be found at

While the first issue is still taking a little while to load, we think we've fixed some of those problems for our next issue. We have a new man on board and his name is Juan. He's going to be helping us with our website and readers should expect to be blown away. The stuff he's got up his sleeves for all of you is awesome.

Anyways, check out our pics from our launch party at Subterranean on March 5th. It was a lot of fun. Extra special thanks to everyone who came out. Adi (illustrator for issue no. 1) did an amazing job on the limited edition prints we put out.

Check back soon, cause we got a lot going on. We have a couple of new events in the works and more info to be posted about our next issue.