Monday, March 16, 2009

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for checking out the news Jettison blog. We had a really great meeting yesterday and started planning out our next issue which will be out in June. If you still have not read our first issue, it can be found at

While the first issue is still taking a little while to load, we think we've fixed some of those problems for our next issue. We have a new man on board and his name is Juan. He's going to be helping us with our website and readers should expect to be blown away. The stuff he's got up his sleeves for all of you is awesome.

Anyways, check out our pics from our launch party at Subterranean on March 5th. It was a lot of fun. Extra special thanks to everyone who came out. Adi (illustrator for issue no. 1) did an amazing job on the limited edition prints we put out.

Check back soon, cause we got a lot going on. We have a couple of new events in the works and more info to be posted about our next issue.

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