Monday, March 22, 2010


JETTISON is pleased to announce the release of our 2010 Spring Issue. To celebrate we are going DISCO. Disco in 2062 that is.

Be our guest at DISCO 2062 and join us in celebrating a jamming new issue. We got some kick ass pieces coming your way; interviews with Cody Hudson, Curtis Mann, Ky Dickens of Fish Out of Water, Hercules and Love Affair, Carrie Schneider, Joe Meno, and so much more, we even sent our lovely Stan to that Rehab for a month.


DISCO 2062
Jettison Spring 2010 Issue Release Party

April 2nd
The Inconvenience
3036 N. Lincoln
8PM - 1AM

Guuurl do we have some treats for you!!

Special Performance by Lady Tajma Hal

Disco Beats!
All night Long!!!! (that's uncle Richtie's line)

Drinks! On us!!!! .....while the PBR lasts. That's right, free beers this time!

Special cocktails provided by Hornswogglers Bar

A special presentation of Fish Out of Water and many many many more surprises throughout the night!!!!!

Let the future be now and lets JETT IT ON!


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Friday, March 19, 2010

Our friends at the Inconvenience Theater Present...

Our friends at the Inconvenience Theater in Lincoln Park are hosting a festival of plays March 25th- 27th called Strapped. Check out their awesome poster for more details. We at Jettison are big fans of the Inconvenience Crew. In fact, we'll be holding the release party for our upcoming issue there on Friday, April 2nd.

So check out the plays as well as some great artwork. And then come back again the next weekend to party down for our spring issue. See you there!

Jett Arts Cultural and Johalla!

Hey Everyone, not one but two art happenings tonight include fellow Jettisonians. Pete Skvara joins Co-Prosperity at the second coming of the Get It Together show at the Cultural center. The show features a nice mix of different approaches to collage and assemblage.

Emanuel Aguilar joins 49 other artists in the Alderman Project at Johalla. A project in which 50 artist were paired up with 50 alderman to create portraits that better introduce us private citizens to the politicians that make up our communities. High fives everyone!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Goose Island Brewer Teams Up with Chef from L20 for Odd Pairs Fest

Jared Rouben, head brewer at Goose Island brewpubs, and Emiliano Pimentel Morado, Line Cook at L2O, an upscale Lincoln Park eatery from Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, became friends as classmates at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York City. Bound initially by an appreciation of food, Rouben, a professed "wine and beer lover" ultimately moved in another direction in his restaurant career, which began with "an addiction to home production" - and a lot of training at downtown Chicago's Rock Bottom Brewery.

The former classmates have recently discovered a unique avenue for combining their friendship as well as their respective culinary/brewing skills. Odd Pairs is a distinctive quarterly event hosted by Chicago’s Crop to Cup Coffee Company and Bean and Body, conceived, according to the competition's FaceBook page, "to highlight local businesses in Chicago that are doing original...things." Entrants are encouraged to concoct "strange, yet succulent combinations of local flavors, served up socially. We headline chefs on the edge, pushing the envelope on flavor, talent and skill in tandem with sustainability and green practices guiding their businesses."

Crop to Cup is no stranger to Goose Island Brewpubs. While coffee and beer might seem like strange bedfellows to the casual observer, Rouben is currently working with the eco-conscious java producers on a specialty beer, the "Rind Grind," which blends JuJu espresso and lemon peel into a dark stout. I was able to sample this blend during a recent tour of the Goose Island at North and Clybourn. Though neither a regular beer nor coffee drinker, I found myself overcome with the allure of such a novelty, and drank it down in one gulp.

Rouben and Morado believe that for the next Odd Pairs event, to be held privately on Friday, March 26, 2010 they have come up with a showstopper. As Rouben labels it, the duo's Italian ice creation is "L2O, Goose Island style." While the team, naturally, cannot divulge the exact measurements of the ingredients, they are able to take advantage of L2O's giant distiller to produce a thought-provoking, nonalcoholic treat comprised of the following three elements:

1. Goose Island Granita with shaved black lime, sweet citrus emulsion, and edible flowers from chef's garden

2. Triple Distilled Goose Island "Green Line" Mist

3. Cinnamon and citrus-infused hot wort tea

Having been unavailable at press time for a final taste test, the staff at Jettison Quarterly can neither confirm nor deny the deliciousness of this intriguing new variety of Italian ice. Readers will have to follow our blog [insert link] after March 26 for the results of the Odd Pairs judging.

Although Rouben acknowledges that the quarterly event "is a competition," he goes onto to declare that "for us, it isn't about that." For Rouben and Morado, the opportunity to create something new and share it with the culinary community at large, is simply another worthy celebration of food and friendship.

Check out the Odd Pairs blog at

-By Jettison corespondent Becky Sarwate

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jettison at Chicago Zine Fest (right now!!!!)

Come visit our booth. We will be here promoting the magazine all day with our zinester friends from Chicago.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ron Banks of the Dramatics Passes Away at Age 58

Jettison Quarterly sat down with Ron Banks and the Dramatics before their recent show on the eve of Valentines Day at the Star Plaza Theater in Indiana. We were excited about the interview which is set to appear in our upcoming issue. We got some great pictures from photographer David Elliott and had a great conversation with Ron Banks about the Dramatics, which he founded in the '60's in Detroit, and about his current pet projects aside from the band.

We didn't expect the news of his death on March 4th, and were deeply saddened by it. We had just watched him perform a blowout concert only a few weeks prior. He seemed in good health and high spirits. Ron was a great performer and he was very kind and open with us during the interview and after the performance. We are deeply thankful that we got the opportunity to meet and talk with him.

Jettison would like to pass on it's heartfelt condolences to Ron's family, friends, and of course the Dramatics, which seemed to be a little like both. Ron's interview will be appearing in Jettison's Spring 2010 issue. Check it out, put on your favorite Dramatics jam, and see a master at work.

-The Editor's