Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jettison Success at the NFO XPO

Loyal readers,

we had a great time at the NFO XPO last weekend. Yes, it was mostly just us sitting in one spot all day long, but we made some friends and had a good time anyways. I think I only ate one meal a day that weekend, but that's alright too. It's almost bikini season, right? Pete, Adi and Ted's Shelter Show was a huge success as well. If you were not able to check-check-check it out last weekend, it's still up and will be for about a month in the Benton House backyard.

Jettison passed out a ton of business cards and got everyone who stopped by to sign up for a subscription. We talked a lot about the magazine and Pete gave a wonderful explanation of what Jettison means to him to some stranger. But, overall we got a really good response. We even met a couple of people who had already heard about it.

blogs and kisses,

The editors

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