Friday, February 18, 2011

New Radiohead Video for 'Lotus Flower'

Check out Radiohead's newest song Lotus Flower off the new album, The King of Limbs and maybe their strangest video ever. Thom Yorke gets down in black and white a la Street Spirit (Fade Out) days. The video is mainly a stare-at-the-camera-and-sing-to-the-audience confessional, like a really drunken version of Janelle Monae's Cold War video.

Watch Yorke look both like he's tripping out and also like he has to go to the bathroom a little. Either way, what's obvious is the guy can still swing those hips.

It's a great, dark, hypnotic song and comes at the perfect time for me. I was just wondering what Radiohead was up to, and apparently it's the same things as they always are—making wonderful music.

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