Friday, December 10, 2010

Dan Shea's 'Misanthropy' opens Sunday

One of Jettison's favorite photographers is having a must-see show in Pilsen starting this Sunday. Stop by, we'll see you there!

Lesson 1: Misanthropy
new work by Daniel Shea
December 12-13
Opening Reception: Sunday, December 12, 4-8
Open Hours: Monday, December 13, noon-4
ACRE Projects
1913 W 17th Street

Lesson 1: Misanthropy is a series of works exploring longing and potential within a misanthropic worldview. The photographs, sculptures, and video work in the show, all made in 2010, combine modern materials and nihilistic sensibility with primitive gestural forms. A 13-year-old boy speaking on metaphysics, group performance ritual, and art’s complicated relationship with landscape depiction all come together in a single narrative exploring the mythology of beginning and ending.

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