Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A&R is Jetting to New York. Join us in wishing them off with much Chicago love May 21st at the Double Door. The show is FREE! So come have a drink, buy them a drink, jam to some tunes, and party it on as A&R prepares to show NYC and Europe what they got.

Jason Gatz
Ronnie Bass
Boom Juice

Double Door
May 21st, Friday

We had Intern Stan write a few words to tell us how he feels about the duo as he wrote the piece that we ran in issue 4 of JETTISON:

Turns out that Chicago is too small for A&R. It's a bit ironic-the duo can
fit into the tightest clothes imaginable. And yet, they are taking their
brand of soul-pop to the big city, New York, New York.
The Big Apple will probably be a good fit for A&R. If nothing else, they're
sure to find some gigs during fashion week. Assuming east coasters accept
A&R's rustic, Midwestern fashion sense.
Though A&R, as a group, spent less than two years in Chicago, Alex and Rocco
still deserve a going away party. Who knows, they might like New York so
much that they will never return. So, for what might be the last A&R show in
the Windy City, the duo is pulling out all the stops.
The going away party will have guest appearances from Jason Gatz, Ronnie
Bass and Boom Juice, and all the free eye candy that comes with an A&R show.
Friday, May 21st at the Double Door is going to be the best, last A&R show
for at least a few months. Especially since it's free.


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