Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ron Banks of the Dramatics Passes Away at Age 58

Jettison Quarterly sat down with Ron Banks and the Dramatics before their recent show on the eve of Valentines Day at the Star Plaza Theater in Indiana. We were excited about the interview which is set to appear in our upcoming issue. We got some great pictures from photographer David Elliott and had a great conversation with Ron Banks about the Dramatics, which he founded in the '60's in Detroit, and about his current pet projects aside from the band.

We didn't expect the news of his death on March 4th, and were deeply saddened by it. We had just watched him perform a blowout concert only a few weeks prior. He seemed in good health and high spirits. Ron was a great performer and he was very kind and open with us during the interview and after the performance. We are deeply thankful that we got the opportunity to meet and talk with him.

Jettison would like to pass on it's heartfelt condolences to Ron's family, friends, and of course the Dramatics, which seemed to be a little like both. Ron's interview will be appearing in Jettison's Spring 2010 issue. Check it out, put on your favorite Dramatics jam, and see a master at work.

-The Editor's

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