Saturday, January 22, 2011

Check out Jettison on your iPad

Jettison Quarterly is now available on the iPad. While we're still working on our template apps, you can still view the magazine by taking the iPad online and heading to the Jettison website. It's a small step for now, but a huge leap from where we started.

A tablet device is really the ideal format to read Jettison: the pictures look awesome, you can sit back and enjoy the articles, you can take it with you, and now, best of all, you can watch our videos too (something that print still cant do)!

Take a look and bookmark Jettison today!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Jettison Issue Out Now!

The winter issue of Jettison Quarterly is out now.

For the new issue, we talked to the folks at CHIRP, hung out with Light Pollution, and took a long drive to Lone Tree, IA for a fun-filled night of scotch, scotch and more scotch—all single malt of course.

Check out great pieces, profiles and conversations with MCA 12x12 artist Jessica Labatte, the thought provoking Sabrina Raaf, Kansas City-based artist Colin Leipelt, and Arcane Bolt (We're the first, but probably wont be the last to interview these guys).

Dont miss our profile on Pumping Station: One and meet Chicago's hacker community.

Best of all, we've got a new website that makes it easier to jump around and we've got VIDEO! Check out our video of a night in Lone Tree at Bob's Bar.

Big things coming this year for Jettison and we're starting off with a BANG! If you want to get Jettison release notices in your email, Subscribe here.